We strategically fail fast to solve problems early on

Prototyping is at the nexus of our design and manufacturing disciplines. It grounds our design work while refining our approach to manufacturing. Like design, it’s about taking the opportunity to learn, refine, and save our clients from big headaches later on in production.


Proof of Concept

New products need testing at every level, whether understanding its basic functionality, or dialing it in to feel perfect. Our approach allows us to make the right design, and then to repeat it easily.

Form & Function

Prototyping form is just as important as function. Whether by hand or using CAD, we carefully sculpt each design. Our clients can see the design come to life, and use prototypes to learn critical feedback from end users.

Tolerance Analysis

Each project brings its own set of parameters which determine its success. We ensure precision tools and processes are placed where it matters in the process, and gain production efficiencies where possible.

Production Design

As a product moves into production, we apply learning from prototyping to design the right processes and order to which parts get made and come together relative to its scale of production.


Our Integrated Process

Like an agile software development process, we use a fast and highly iterative testing loop to quickly tackle the big questions first. This is made possible by our range of capabilities.

This rare integration of design and making in product development allows clients to quickly arrive at a great product and launch it into the market.



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