We are craftspeople.
Experience, training, and a touch of finesse goes into everything we make.

Our 20,000 sq. foot space includes the tools and skills necessary to build just about anything. Whether cutting perfect wood joinery or welding together a large steel structure, we’re always pushing the limits of our fabrication studio. It is where we elevate the handmade nature of our craft at Tektonics. Scroll below to see some of the breadth of what we’ve made.


From 20 foot door frames, to floating staircases, to a 2000 pount globe, welding is a core expertise of Tektonics. Using both Mig and Tig welding allows us to handle a wide variety of design needs.

Hardware Design & Production

Our precision machine shop allows us to produce the perfect piece of hardware for our fabrication jobs when needed. This turns a mediocre off-the-shelf fit into a well engineered solution that lasts.

Fine Woodworking

Having makers with classical training and experience in both traditional fine woodworking and carpentry allows us to produce tight, top notch woodworking with grace and a handcrafted touch.

CNC Routing & Signage

From signage, to decorative panels, to 3d carved molds & patterns we can cut a huge variety of materials and job types with our two large format CNC multi-cam routers.


Our Fabrication Work



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