We shepherd our clients through development & manufacturing

We consider our work in advanced manufacturing to be a deeply personal craft. Our CNC machine shop is the heart of Tektonics and where we balance our design, prototype and manufacturing capabilities. It can handle both small & large runs of machined parts, in addition to making prototypes.

tektonics machine shop

Precision Machining

Metal Laser Engraving - see More

tektonics cnc turning

Advanced CNC Turning

tektonics pattern tooling.jpg

Foundry & Casting Tooling

tektonics cnc routing

CNC Routing

Fabrication - see more


Our Manufacturing Work

Burlington Medical

Burlington Medical

Linear Tube Audio

Linear Tube Audio

Fern & Roby

Fern & Roby

Devore Fidelity

Devore Fidelity

tektonics partner casting thin.jpg

Our Partner Network

We manage an expansive network of top quality vendors when incorporating outside services. A few key services we manage include:

  • Sheet Metal Forming

  • Anodizing & Metal Finishing

  • Bronze & Iron Casting

  • Water Jet Cutting

  • 3D Printing

  • much more




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