We bring products to life through great design

Great craft leaves no impact without exceptional design. Our backgrounds in product design, craft, sculpture, and mechanical design put the marriage of form and function at the heart of our work.


Concept Development

Whether large volume production or small, we deliver world-class design directions through a concise concept development phase.

User Experience Design

Our clients hire us to champion the users of their products - their experience is at the center our work from beginning to end.

Mechanical Design

We apply our extensive experience in mechanics to design parts to last that work impeccably well and are a joy to use.

CAD Modelling

Using industry standard software such as SolidWorks, NX, and FeatureCAM we’re able to design with exacting precision.

Metal Design

We have deep knowledge in applying the right process to making precise, quality metal parts - learn more about our manufacturing.


We strategically develop ways to test each aspect of our design work through prototyping. Learn more about our approach.


Design is at our core.

Great design drives us to make products exceptionally well. We draw on our expertise in hand craft and manufacturing to elevate our design work. In exchange, great design inspires us to take new approaches in our manufacturing, and to try things we’ve never done before.