Fern & Roby Launches New Floor Speaker

tektonics fern and roby raven floor speakers.jpg

Industrial design & traditional craft are part of our DNA here at Tektonics, no matter who our client is. The work we do for ourselves designing our product line Fern & Roby allows us to explore interests and directions our team has in ways we sometimes cannot fully access in our role as a contract design firm.

This project was a real pleasure for us in that it provided a great context for our dialogue with historic furniture design & the vintage audio we love. We ended up developing a product that has its unique own style and voice.

Like much of our work, there is a strong marriage of handcraft and advanced manufacturing in our design and production phases. We developed the design through hand sketches followed by 3D solid modeling, then tested the speaker prototypes in inexpensive materials. As we pushed into the final phases of design, we could move quickly and with confidence about the end result. The combination of CNC machining and traditional woodworking techniques allowed us to arrive at a straightforward design that celebrates materials, processes & form.

This commitment to managing design and planning processes is essential to containing and controlling costs. Developing and delivering a new product economically is an element of all our projects for our clientele.

Fern & Roby Audio

The Raven Loudspeakers

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tektonics fern & roby raven process 2.jpg
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