Who We Are

Tektonics Design Group
is a full-service design and manufacturing firm.



As a design firm with an adjacent prototyping and manufacturing space, Tektonics is unique—we can test our ideas just steps away from our offices. This allows us to conceptualize, design, create and then quickly refine prototypes until we achieve a quality design that satisfies client requirements, budget and schedule.

An Integrated Approach

Since 2003, we've offered a wide range of services, from single-source, turn-key fabrication and prototyping solutions to industrial design and product development to conventional fabrication and manufacturing services. The diversity of our experience allows ideas and solutions to cross-pollinate in our design studios.

Our Process

At Tektonics, we are industrial designers, artists, blacksmiths, machinists, sculptors, and tradesmen, dedicated to crafting unique design solutions. Our fluency in traditional processes combined with our experience using advanced technologies means we consistently and efficiently deliver innovative, cost-effective solutions and products.


Our passion for materials, process and craft resonates throughout every project—whether it's producing a small, hand-crafted table, designing and manufacturing specialty hardware for industrial applications, or planning and executing the design of an entire product line.